<strong>Three methods to know the sex of your baby</strong>

Three methods to know the sex of your baby

You are pregnant! You’re both excited about the birth and eager to hold the baby and give him or her all the love they deserve. This is a normal feeling for a mom, whether it’s your first or third child. You’re anxiously counting down the days until your baby arrives, but you’re also curious about your baby’s gender, right? While some parents prefer to keep it a mystery until the baby is born, others like to know if it’s a boy or a girl. This helps avoid planning for the “wrong gender” and helps plan the future. Here are three effective methods to test the sex of the baby.

Legal gender DNA test 

DNA gender test is the scientific method that tells you with 100% certainty what the sex of the baby is. To do this, simply search for legal DNA testing near me and take genetic samples at the lab. The gender test is no risk for the mother or baby. All that is needed is for the experts to take blood samples from the mother. The tenth week of the pregnancy, you can already know if you are expecting a boy, a girl or even twins.

The use of the Chinese pregnancy table

You may already know, but for generations, the Chinese have been passing on ancestral knowledge. This great dynasty has a tradition concerning pregnancy. To know the sex of your child, there is a chart that helps future mothers. If you know your age when you became pregnant and the month in which your gestation began, you can simply follow the two columns to determine the sex of the baby. This method works almost every time for those who have tried it.

Your taste in food during pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, hormones make many changes to both your mood and your diet. In addition to regular nausea and vomiting, you may have preferences for sweeter or saltier foods. If your body craves sweet foods during pregnancy, then you are expecting a girl. If, on the other hand, you have a clear preference for salty foods then you’re having a boy. However, this can vary from woman to woman and from season to season. You should remember to keep a balanced diet during pregnancy, as your child’s health depends on yours. Also, avoid very spicy food and alcoholic drinks during this special time. There are still other effective factors such as the sleeping posture, the attitude of other children during your pregnancy, and many others to determine the sex of your baby.