<a></a>Simple Tips To Help You Recover After Surgery

Simple Tips To Help You Recover After Surgery

Everyone’s experience of surgery is different, and so must the recovery be, but we are here with a few simple tips that are applicable to most people’s recovery. Whether you have had a mummy makeover or knee surgery, recovery may take time, but keep reminding yourself that this is only temporary and you are on the road to recovery!

Always Follow The Advice Of Your Doctor

The first and most important thing you need to do to ensure a healthy recovery is to listen to the advice of your doctor/surgeon. They will know better than anyone else your case, what is going to be safe for you, what you should be eating, when you should start to be active and what potential issues you look out for. For example, your recovery is going to be vastly different if you had a facelift Manchester based compared to a hip replacement in London. So, following the advice of your surgeon first and foremost at all times is absolutely essential.

Allow Your Body To Rest

Our next piece of advice which is essential to helping your body stay healthy through recovery is allowing yourself to rest. Whilst being active is an important part of recovery (we will get onto that), your body does almost all of it’s healing whilst you sleep. So, whenever you feel like you might need to sleep or nap, let yourself do it! Your body will certainly thank you for it, and this is a vital part of safely healing after surgery, no matter what kind it was. The body will have been under a significant amount of stress, so give your body the rest it needs and deserves.

Be Active – Whilst Staying Safe!

Another thing you can do to help you recovery after surgery is to be as active as you can whilst staying safe. This is one of the areas where consulting your doctor is important, as you don’t want to do any exercise until you’ve been given the all clear. However, you should make sure you are keeping up with the goals your doctor is setting you. This might be 5 one minute walks per day in the week after your surgery, which then gradually increases over time. Or, it might be particular stretches that are important to making your recovery as effective as possible.

Eat A Wide Variety of Fruits and Vegetables

Last but definitely not least, you should be eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Again, you need to consult your doctor, as specific surgeries concerning your stomach or mouth will require you to eat different foods. However, for the large majority, it will be okay for you to eat lots of different fruits and vegetables to give your body the vital vitamins and minerals that it needs to heal effectively.

One of the best ways to do this is buy lots of different coloured fruits and vegetables, as they will contain different nutrients, then make batches of smoothies and soups. These are easy to make, don’t require much movement and can even be made in advance and frozen before your surgery to make life easier.