Cenforce: Increase Sexual Stamina 

Cenforce: Increase Sexual Stamina 

Cenforce 150 medicine is used for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunctionality i.e., in common terms known as impotence. Impotence is one of the leading problems amongst the males leading to various sexual life related problems. ED (erectile dysfunction) is a problem where the male counterpart is unable to keep his penis erected (ability to keep the penis firm) which is inadequate for the core process of sex that is the intercourse. Many marriages have been shackled under the effect of ED and its effects.

Data suggests that men aged 40 or above are affected with a total of 40%, whereas the men in their 70s or later, have been affected with an aggregate of 70%. The possibility of erectile dysfunctionality increases with aging, but it has also been frequently seen in the youth. 

Erectile dysfunctionality: Reasons

There are various factors that play an important part in having this issue, ranging from cardiovascular problems to poor lifestyles. Let us have a look at few of the reasons.

Hormonal disbalances

Endocrine is the system of glands responsible for secreting hormones directly into the blood stream. Being the messenger system that it is it is responsible to regulate the organs functionality higher or lower amount of hormone introduced due to endocrine problems disrupts the overall balance.

The hormonal disbalances can affect the blood flow thus making erectile dysfunctionality to be a possibility in this situation.

Emotional disorders

Tormented by overwhelming emotions? Well, this is other reason of why erectile dysfunction might occur. Depression, anxiety, panic disorders, fatigue and other emotional responses might hamper your sexual life. The negative emotions might overwhelm you when you are performing a sexual act. 

The performance anxiety can also trigger impotence. The fear of not being able to satisfy your partner because of anxiety or any kind of stress makes impotence sweep in faster.  

Hypertension is also one prime reason of erectile dysfunctionality. 

Cardiac related issues

Heart diseases can really impact the person’s ability to perform sexually. Also, it can be a precautionary thing for consuming medicine. Heart related issues are already a very difficult situation to be in. High blood pressure, diabetes, smoking etc can worsen the condition even more.


Exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy eating etc are few ways in which a person can lead ahead in betterment of their sexual life. Not only these improve your stamina but will also provide you with the natural strength that your sexual desires require.

Youth have been indulging in various activities such as drug, alcoholism and disturbed circadian rhythm. These factors have deeply impacted the body and mind of the youth leading to dysfunctionalities.

Neurological issues

Several neuro related issues are found to have been a possible reason for erectile dysfunctionality. Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease etc are few to be mentioned. 

How does Cen force 150 works?

Sildenafil citrate one of the main components in this medicine. The other commonly used term for this medicine is Viagra. It is responsible for regulating the blood flow as well thus the flow of blood in the penis as well. The key here being a better blood flow in the penis which improves the erectility of it.

Procedure to take Cenforce

There are two ways to consume sildenafil citrate: injecting into the veins and oral. Cenforce is an oral medication. Must be taken as advised by the doctor or any medical professional. The tablet must be consumed 45 minutes or an hour prior to the sexual activity. Without any sexual arousal the medicine can be deemed ineffective. 

Precautions to be taken

Must not be consumed after taking any kind of alpha one antagonist (a minimum of 4 hours must be maintained)

Physical exercises must be included for better results

Healthy diet must be involved

Avoid any kind of alcoholic consumption


Cardiovascular disease related patients must take immense precaution

Priapism (rare but prolonged erection)

Might lead to vision impairments in rare cases

Hearing loss 

Drop in the blood pressure

Side effects



Flushing of the skin

Congestion of the nasal area

Heart attack in severe cases of side effects (cardiovascular issues might get triggered after consumption hence it is suggested to take doctor’s advice prior to consumption.